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Establishment and general contractor at 80 Lord Howe Drive, Ashtonfield, NSW 2323, Australia. Here you will find detailed information about Vision Homes: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.

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80 Lord Howe Drive
NSW 2323
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+61 1300 262 321

Reviews of Vision Homes

    Grant Blundell Added May 17, 2023
    Vison are brilliant. They worked with me over 12 months to get the design I was looking for. From tender to contract it was a very positive experience and I'd thoroughly recommend them. For a start, there's no high pressure sales speak or BS (Nicole is very easy going) secondly I was really impressed to score two design sessions with their lead Draftsperson (thanks JJ) during tender to get the plan right and lastly, their tender was well explained with a detailed price breakdown. When comparing Vision to others, you have to carefully look at each aspect of the build making sure both prices are for the same thing (and quality level). All builders have 'Free' upgrades and make wonderful offers but you need to cut through the marketing hype and do a true comparison.

    Vision provide a very personalised experience too. There are't too many companies where the owner calls at 6pm on a Friday evening to give you a contract update! They also strive for zero defects rather than other builders who think weeks of defect rectification is a normal building practice.

    Be aware that you'll be spoilt for choice as Vision and their suppliers provide so many options. For me, I'm getting a custom design at a spec home price so I couldn't be happier. From the experience so far, I would definitely recommend them. Track me down on FB if you'd like to have a chat about them!
    Simon Dudding Added May 17, 2023
    I have just started the process and while walking around Homeworld Thornton met Nicole from Vision Homes. Her positive "can-do attitude" impressed me immensely and we have been progressing though the custom design process. I have the utmost confidence in the company and Nicole's natural finesse for her work, trade knowledge and creative mind for the design process.
    LES GREEDY Added May 16, 2023
    Great tradies. The house is beautiful but the building process painful. Not our first build so know a build can be a challenge but Communication with Vision is like getting blood from a stone. Been trying to get the 12 week warranty items done now for 8 months. Been pretty patient in my opinion ....sent a thousand emails. Only person to respond is Sharon. Kate and Steve nothing. The warranty items, we get to have it out with the contractors. That should be a Vision job. We still have a number of things that require attention. Small but need to be done. Very frustrating company to deal with.
    nathan coles Added May 05, 2023
    Vision Homes is a fantastic Project home builder that is happy to take things to a Custom Level of detail.
    Nicole at Thornton Homeworld was amazing from start to finish with a highly professional attitude and Flair for design when we couldn't find a design that was just quite right she was more than happy to offer suggestion and design inspiration.

    10/10 would build with Vision again.
    Katie Greenwood Added April 22, 2023
    We built our first home with Vision homes a few years ago - we had a positive experience with Steve, Kate and the team. We were very thankful for their personal and thoughtful service and that nothing was ever too much of a hassle or issue for them to make sure we were happy. Like every new house build there were a few issues along the way but the team at vision always made sure things were actioned and resolved - the benefit of working with a local family business is that when you have these issues, you call and speak to a real person who does actually care, not some head office in Sydney who treat you like a number. If we were to build again we would definitely use Vision homes :)

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Questions & Answers

1. What is the phone number for Vision Homes

The phone number for Vision Homes is +61 1300 262 321.

2. Where is Vision Homes located?

Vision Homes is located at 80 Lord Howe Drive Ashtonfield, NSW 2323.

3. Is there a primary contact for Vision Homes

You can contact Vision Homes by phone using number +61 1300 262 321.

4. What is the web address (URL) for Vision Homes

The website for Vision Homes is .

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